Post Consumed & Post Industrial Plastic waste Management & Recycling

  • FOR INTERMEDIATE :Pre-requisite for the course
  • Qualification :12 th Standard passed and Any graduate
  • Age :Minimum of 18 years
  • Experience :Basic Knowledge of plastic industry


CHAPTER 1 - What is Plastic or Polymer and Types of Polymers

CHAPTER 2 – How to identify different Types of Plastic or Polymers

CHAPTER 3 – How to sort different type of Plastics at Source and at MRF

CHAPTER 4 - Best Practices in plastic sorting at Source and at MRF

CHAPTER 5 - How to Pack at Source or at MRF

CHAPTER 6 - How to get better Prices by doing quality Sorting at Source

CHAPTER 7 - Different Types of Recycling methods

CHAPTER 8 - Best Practices in Recycling

CHAPTER 9 - Equipment’s Used in Plastic Recycling

CHAPTER 10 - Plastic Crusher and standard Operating procedure

CHAPTER 11 - Washing unit, Types of Washing methods and It s standard Operating Procedure

CHAPTER 12 - Mixer and Agglomeration Process and Standard Operating Procedures

CHAPTER 13 - Extrusion Process and Standard Operating Procedures