What we do

GSM Plastic Industries is Processing (Recycling) Post consumed and Post Industrial PET bottles into PET Bales and Cold and Hot washed PET Flakes. Our PET Bottle Bales and PET Flakes are extensively used to manufacture PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber),POY (Polyester Yarn),Extruded PET Sheets, PET straps(Box Packing),PET Preforms and Recycled PET resin of Different IV s. GSM Plastic Industries manufactures Consistent good quality PET Flakes for export Markets China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, European Countries, North American and Other Asian Countries. We are also catering to domestic markets and our products are extensively used in various downstream applications.

Since 2017 we have added new recycled Plastic resin to our portfolio. We are manufacturing

r HDPE Grades

r HDPE (Extrusion Blow), Injection Moulding ,Extrusion Pipe and Extrusion Film grades with different MFI for different end applications to Produce Jerry Cans, Pipes, Bags ,Crates, Closures etc in different colors (Food and Non Food Grades).

r PP Grades

r PP (Homo), r PP (Co polymer- PP CP) Injection Moulding grades (Consumer and Industrial ) Food and Non Food grades in different colours and MFI for different end product applications.

r PP Grades (Automotive)

PP CP+EPDM – Passenger car Bumper grade granules PP TD 10% Injection Moulding Grade granules PP Raffia grade granules.

r ABS Flakes (Automotive )

r ABS Flakes (Hot washed) Flakes manufactured from Bike, Scooter and Other Industrial Scrap.

r LDPE Grade Granules

r LDPE ,LLDPE Film grades –Natural and Black colours r LDPE –Injection Moulding grade granules - Natural.