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PET Bottle Bales

Bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET, sometimes PETE) can be recycled and used to manufacture new bottles and containers, thermoform packaging, strapping and are also used in fiber applications such as carpet and apparel. In many countries, PET plastics are coded with the resin identification code number "1" inside the universal recycling symbol, usually located on the bottom of the container. .

Cold and Hot washed PET Bottle Flakes

Hot washed PET bottle Flakes are extensively used to manufacture PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber),POY (Polyester Yarn),Extruded PET Sheets, PET straps(Box Packing),PET Preforms and Recycled PET resin of Different IV s. GSM Plastic Industries manufactures Consistent good quality PET Flakes for export Markets China, Taiwan, Korea, USA, European Countries, North American and Other Asian Countries. We are also catering to domestic markets and our products are extensively used in various downstream applications.

HDPE,PP,LDPE Recycled granules of different grades and colors

ABS, PC Hot washed Flakes

Recycled Plastic Brick